The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at Altona Meadow Primary School introduces healthy and enjoyable food preparation to Australian primary students.


The Program also links the kitchen table to the garden by involving the students in the growing and harvesting of fresh, seasonal herbs, vegetables and fruits that are directly used in the meals that they prepare.


Each fortnight, students across Years 3 to 6 spend a minimum of 60 minutes in the garden, and 90 minutes in the kitchen preparing and sharing meals created from their produce. The program employs kitchen and garden specialist staff members to run these sessions.  


Created in conjunction with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, the program aims to positively influence our students' food choices’.


The Program supports the primary school curriculum through reinforcement of English, Mathematics, Science, culture and environmental sustainability. In addition, the Program delivers observable social benefits to all students, including those with special needs.


We greatly appreciate the support and assistance of our many volunteers. Without them, the program could not run. New volunteers are always welcome.


*A free Volunteer Working with Children Check is required which can be organised through your local post office or online.

 Marilenghi: Cooking At HOME

Welcome to Cooking at Home with Marilena. While we stayed safe at home, our wonderful kitchen specialist provided recipes and instructions for you all to do at home. 

A big thank you to all of you that have been cooking and sending in photos of your work. I was so pleased to see all of the delicious looking Apple Cakes!!!  


See you soon,

Marilena and Kimi 

This is a quick and easy dessert that will

serve 6 to 8 people.

This dish you can let everyone help themselves to make their own bowls or you can make them up. Cook the chicken in a pan, in the oven or my favourite way is on the BBQ. Use what ever vegetables that are your favourite. Steamed broccoli or green beans are delicious in this too. This will serve at least for with plenty of left overs.

Safety Tips

If you follow the recipes shown here you can keep busy and help your parents out at the same time. 


Before you start, remember to be safe in the kitchen.  


I’ve included some links and information down the side of this page.  Review with your parents before you start.

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen Rules

Knife Rules 

Previous Recipes:



Welcome to AMPS Garden 2021


This term students will work hard with harvesting because autumn is all about harvest! After a very wet summer we have a lot of weeding to look forward to.  Grade 3/4 are will be learning about taking care of our chooks and how to make compost. They will be the leaders in reminding the school about our compost buckets for food scraps so we have rich and healthy compost. Grade 5 has the very responsible task of garden design and planting out our winter garden beds (the oval beds closest to the BER building). The last two years these beds have produced about 40kg (2019) and 50kg (2020) of produce so let’s see if this year’s Grade 5 keep the trend going – 60kg! Grade 6 are garden experts by now. They are given more independent responsibility and can do advance garden tasks like tree care – feeding, watering and pruning, making garden structures, sensory garden maintenance and other special projects throughout the year.


Exciting News

Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden were the regional winners for the Victorian School Garden Awards in 2020. They just loved our edible garden. We received $300 to spend at participating local nurseries.


Keep an eye out

Our garden is in full harvest. Over the summer our peach trees produced a bumper crop which is now filling the freezers in the kitchen. Other harvest items are tomatoes, capsicum, chilli, cucumber, kale, leek, zucchini, basil, raspberries and apples. Coming soon is corn, sweet potatoes,  pumpkin, oca and eggplant. Check out our basket of goodies harvested in Week Three.


The heritage chooks are all named

Check out the names or our 3 bantam chooks (2 new ones came last year) and 5 other heritage hens. Our Isa Brown missed out during the naming competition so she’s just “Brownie”. Our chooks are friendly and Ginger especially loves a cuddle which our Grade 3/4 students are happy to provide on the gardening day they have chicken duty.


Please remember

The garden harvest is for the students to cook in the kitchen. Please no picking fruit or vegetables from our garden and remind students to show respect to our garden by not damaging plants and be safe by not running in the garden.


Thanks from Tarius, the gardener.

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