The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at Altona Meadow Primary School introduces healthy and enjoyable food preparation to Australian primary students.


The Program also links the kitchen table to the garden by involving the students in the growing and harvesting of fresh, seasonal herbs, vegetables and fruits that are directly used in the meals that they prepare.


Each fortnight, students across Years 3 to 6 spend a minimum of 60 minutes in the garden, and 90 minutes in the kitchen preparing and sharing meals created from their produce. The program employs kitchen and garden specialist staff members to run these sessions.  


Created in conjunction with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, the program aims to positively influence our students' food choices’.


The Program supports the primary school curriculum through reinforcement of English, Mathematics, Science, culture and environmental sustainability. In addition, the Program delivers observable social benefits to all students, including those with special needs.


We greatly appreciate the support and assistance of our many volunteers. Without them, the program could not run. New volunteers are always welcome.


*A free Volunteer Working with Children Check is required which can be organised through your local post office or online.

 Marilenghi: Cooking At HOME

Welcome to Cooking at Home with Marilena. While we stay safe at home, our wonderful kitchen specialist will provide recipes and instructions for you all to do at home. This week’s recipes are Savory/Sweet Scrolls and Pumpkin Soup. Make sure you share some photos of what you have done. Kimi and Ozzie want to see!

this week's Lesson

The chicken ramen is a bit complicated, so I’ve broken it down into steps so it is easier to follow.

Safety Tips

This is great for morning tea or an afternoon snack. If you don’t have frozen raspberries, then use blueberries.

If you follow the recipes shown here you can keep busy and help your parents out at the same time. 


Before you start, remember to be safe in the kitchen.  


I’ve included some links and information down the side of this page.  Review with your parents before you start.

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen Rules

Knife Rules 

Previous Recipes:



Hello from the Gardener,

Welcome to another productive season in the garden. We are currently harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, raspberries and strawberries. Please remember all produce is for the kitchen so please parents, students and visitors, do not pick any fruits, vegetables or herbs.  

Our chickens are doing well and laying a bit each day. The blue eggs from our Aracanas are exciting. We currently have six heritage varieties and three Isna Browns.

Our grade 5 students will be designing and planting out the Winter Garden (the oval beds on the north side of the garden). Last year we had a competition to see which Grade 5 class harvested the most produce. In total they harvested almost 40kg of produce from 8 garden beds over the winter-spring season!

The corn has loved all the rain we've had this summer - much more than usual. We are experimenting with growing five different types of corn including, Jolly Roger (sweetcorn), Anasazi (tri-coloured), Blue corn (popcorn), Popcorn (that we seed saved), and Baby corn. We hope to dry and sell the popcorn at the market this year.


Thanks, Tarius


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