The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at Altona Meadow Primary School introduces healthy and enjoyable food preparation to Australian primary students.


The Program also links the kitchen table to the garden by involving the students in the growing and harvesting of fresh, seasonal herbs, vegetables and fruits that are directly used in the meals that they prepare.


Each fortnight, students across Years 3 to 6 spend a minimum of 60 minutes in the garden, and 90 minutes in the kitchen preparing and sharing meals created from their produce. The program employs kitchen and garden specialist staff members to run these sessions.  


Created in conjunction with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, the program aims to positively influence our students' food choices’.


The Program supports the primary school curriculum through reinforcement of English, Mathematics, Science, culture and environmental sustainability. In addition, the Program delivers observable social benefits to all students, including those with special needs.


We greatly appreciate the support and assistance of our many volunteers. Without them, the program could not run. New volunteers are always welcome.


*A free Volunteer Working with Children Check is required which can be organised through your local post office or online.

 Marilenghi: Cooking At HOME

Welcome to Cooking at Home with Marilena. While we stay safe at home, our wonderful kitchen specialist will provide recipes and instructions for you all to do at home. This week’s recipes are Fried Rice Lettuce Cups and Orange Food Processor Cake . Make sure you share some photos of what you have done. Kimi and Ozzie want to see!

Cooking Term 3 2020


We have another term of no face to face contact in the AMPS SAKG kitchen. Kimi and I will continue to provide recipes with videos on the school website. 

In addition to new recipes, I have been making preserves such as Raspberry Jam, Peach Jam and Rhubarb Chutney. I have also been busy making marmalade with the beautiful citrus from the garden. So if you have a citrus tree in your garden, this will be a good opportunity to use some of the fruit. I will post a few recipes.

Keep an eye out for a secret recipe that Mr Reid has kindly shared, his famous Sausage Rolls! Please keep your suggestions for recipes coming. Some recent suggestions from you included Nori Rolls and Chicken Ramen.

Finally, a big thank you to all of you that have been cooking and sending in photos of your work. I was so pleased to see all of the delicious looking Apple Cakes!!!  


See you soon,

Marilena and Kimi 

this week's Lesson

These are my favourite sausage rolls. I love it when Mr Reid brings them for morning tea.

Safety Tips

If you follow the recipes shown here you can keep busy and help your parents out at the same time. 


Before you start, remember to be safe in the kitchen.  


I’ve included some links and information down the side of this page.  Review with your parents before you start.

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen Rules

Knife Rules 

Now that the weather is warming up, it is the perfect time to start enjoying some salads!

Previous Recipes:



What’s happening in the Garden!


Take a look at our plan for our Summer Garden


Thanks from Tarius, the Gardener


Download this week's Lesson:

Term 3


Spring has Sprung! The blossoms are starting on our peach, nectarine and plum trees. The mulberries are starting to put out fruit ready for summer picking and preserving in the kitchen.


For gardening you can create a mini garden at home so you can grow your own veggies. Last lesson we looked at how to start growing seedlings in a mini green house (see the photos or the tomatoes and basil I’m growing). If your seedlings aren’t ready yet, you can wait to make your mini garden. There is a video link included on how to make a mini garden.

I’ve put seedlings and sowed carrot seeds directly into my mini garden. You can do the same, it just takes a bit more patience.  Please send lots of photos of your work!

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