A warm welcome to all our new and existing Prep parents. The Prep students have settled well into their classrooms routines and they have been establishing positive friendships and relationships with their teachers and peers.

In term one, there will be a focus on wellbeing, where students will be participating in the Life Skills program on a weekly basis.

In our Literacy block we will be focusing on letters and sounds, decoding, rhyming, phonological and phonemic awareness and writing. We will also be running learning groups based on student needs.


In Mathematics, students will be focusing on Counting, Number Sense, Statistics and Probability (Graphing and yes/no questions) and Measurement and Geometry (Describe position and movement).


In Inquiry, we will be focusing on ‘Me and my Family’


Key understandings are:

  • Families change over time (Structure, roles and responsibilities)

  • How families work together

  • Our family connections to Australia and the rest of the world

  • Where does my family originate from?

  • What are the different roles in my family?

  • What stories can our family tell us about the past?


We will be sending out more information to you as the term progresses, please look out for the notes. We have lots of new learning and exciting activities planned for the Preps.


Tissues Required:

We request that each child bring a box of tissues to use in the classroom.


General Information:

Please remember to name all of your child’s clothes, hats and belongings. We do our best to find lost items but this is time consuming and almost impossible if they have no label. We appreciate your support with this matter.


Thank you,

Prep Teachers




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