The Prep teachers would like to welcome back all the students and families including Mrs. Gray who has returned from maternity leave. Mrs. Gray will be working with the Prep teachers and students every Wednesday. 

This term we have lots of new learning happening and we have also organised an excursion to Science Works Museum that ties in with our Inquiry Concept.

During Term 3 we will be learning about healthy eating habits and keeping our bodies healthy.  Our Inquiry Concept is called Healthy Me – My Body Matters. We will also be completing our Inquiry Concept of Weather and Seasons from Term 2. The students will take part in various activities that will look at what we eat for snack, lunch and dinner and how we can take care of our bodies to be healthy.


Our excursion will be at Science Works Museum in week 9 and we also have a walking excursion to the local library in week 5.


In Reading, we will continue to focus on reading strategies, Eagle Eye, Lips the Fish, Stretchy Snake, Chunky Monkey, Flippy Dolphin, Skippy Frog, Tryin’ Lion and Helpful Kangaroo. We will continue to run Guided Reading groups based on student needs and we will be looking at fiction and non-fiction books and their features.


In Writing, we will continue to focus on name writing, writing more than one sentence and narrative writing. Our story writing will have a beginning, middle and end including a problem and resolution. Emphasis will continue to be on capital letters, finger spaces and using full stops at the end of a sentence.


In Mathematics, we will be learning about addition and subtraction, counting, subitising, sharing, money and time.


We have a very busy term ahead of us and we look forward to providing meaningful learning experiences for all our students as we continue to progress through the year.

Tissues Required:

We request that each child bring a box of tissues to use in the classroom, as winter is here and we go through them very quickly..

General Information:

Please remember to name all of your child’s clothes, hats and belongings. We do our best to find lost items but this is time consuming and almost impossible if they have no label. We appreciate your support with this matter.


Thank you,

Prep Teachers – Mrs Mary, Mrs Barnes and Mrs Gray

  PREP 2022 

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