As we are now learning from home, we are going to be sending out your child’s work each week. For some of the work the children will need a computer or a tablet device, other schoolwork will require your child to read, write, draw and play just like when we are at school. We will also be using a program called WebEx to schedule video chats with small groups of students throughout the week. Everything your child needs will be in their weekly schedule and the teachers will be available to chat with your child during school hours. 


Please check your email and Compass regularly for any updates and information. This is new for all of us and we know that together we can support your child with their learning at this difficult time.


Small suggestions for parents:


It is okay for your child to have regular breaks.


We do not expect them to sit still and study for 6 hours continuously each day and neither should you expect this to happen at home.


During learning time, it is very common for your child to stop and have a movement break such as wiggle around, break for toilet, drink water and get some exercise. This is part of their normal school routine.


Time allocations for each learning area per day are as follows:

Literacy: (including reading, writing and speaking and listening) 45-60 minutes

Mathematics: 30-45 minutes

Play - based learning: 30-45 minute

Physical Activities: 30-45 minutes


We will provide a suggested schedule for each day for you to use as you see fit. Please do not try to complete all the activities in one day, these activities can be finished across the week so they do not overwhelm your child.


We appreciate feedback from parents and students. Please share any feedback you have regarding the program via email. We aim to provide a program that will allow your child continuity of learning during this disruption.  


Thank you

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