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Altona Meadows Primary School implements a consistent approach to learning across our whole school applying our Instructional Model across all areas of the curriculum. We place a high level of importance on student engagement and voice ensuring our students are treated individually maximising connections with learning.


Literacy at Altona Meadows Primary School ensures students are taught through a variety of text types. Students are provided opportunities to build confidence and ability to use a range of literacy strategies, concepts and skills. Our students are explicitly taught the writing process where they create both fiction and non fiction pieces with a clear understanding of writing to persuade, inform and entertain. Our aim is to develop their craft and a passion for writing. We also utilise the Smart Spelling approach to ensure our students are developing the skills necessary to be life long learners. Individual student goals are utilised to encourage students to monitor their own learning and identify next steps.


In Numeracy our students are focussed on building strong foundations of mathematical concepts and developing student understanding through daily exposure and practice. Across the areas of number, measurement, geometry, statistics & probability, students engage in explicit teaching of numeracy concepts while working with concrete materials to consolidate skills.


Our Transition Program for kindergarten students transitioning to school begins in Term 4 with a formalised Transition Program. We engage our prospective students in a range of learning activities to provide them with a ‘taste’ of school and our routines and expectations. This formal program allows our staff to get to know our next cohort of students and ensure we are aiming for the smoothest transition to school for both our new students and their families.

Our Transition Program to secondary school is treated with sensitivity and respect. We understand that this is an exciting time but can also be a time of unsureness. We aim to prepare our Grade 6 students to ensure they are both prepared and emotionally ready for the next step in their educational journey. Staff work closely with the staff at secondary schools to ensure student transitions are smooth and exciting.

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