Selamat datang! Welcome to Indonesian 2021!


This year, all students in Prep to Grade 6 will attend a 60 minute session of Indonesian each week. They will engage in a variety of hands-on and verbal activities to develop their skills in learning the Indonesian language, including playing games, singing songs and by participating in short conversations. In Term 1, the topic breakdown is as follows:


Preps:                   Selamat datang ke kelas Indonesia!

                              Welcome to Indonesia!

                              Learning greetings, introductions etc.


Grade 1/2:           Keluarga saya

                             My family

                             Learning how to describe their family members (both immediate and extended)


Grade 3/4:           Badan saya

                             My body

                             Learning the names of body parts and how to describe them (colour, size etc.)


Grade 5/6:           Budaya Indonesia

                             Indonesian Culture

                             Learning about Indonesian culture, and revising/applying what we have learnt in previous years


I look forward to sharing some of our excellent work with you!


Terima kasih! Thank you!


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