Selamat datang! Welcome to Indonesian 2021!


This year, all students in Prep to Grade 6 will attend a 60 minute session of Indonesian each week. They will engage in a variety of hands-on and verbal activities to develop their skills in learning the Indonesian language, including playing games, singing songs and by participating in short conversations. In Term 1, the topic breakdown is as follows:


In Term 2, every student is learning or revising their knowledge of Indonesian numbers. In particular, year levels are covering the topics below:

Prep to 2:             Nomor 1-10 (Numbers 1 – 10)

Grades 3/4:         Nomor besar! (Numbers larger than 10)

Grades 5/6:         Tanggal berapa? (Saying the date)

Students will be involved in different activities to engage them, such as singing songs, playing games and making things to consolidate their learning.

All students will also be able to say how old they are using “Umur saya” and their class using “Saya duduk di kelas.”


Terima kasih! Thank you!


Amanda Arnott

Indonesian teacher