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The teachers in the 1/2 Team are looking forward to supporting all of our learners to achieve their goals this year.  We have been really impressed with the enthusiastic start to the year that our students have had.  We look forward to supporting our students to become keen learners with positive attitudes and to encourage our students to live by the AMPS values of Respect, Resilience and Striving for Excellence.  We hope that all of our students will see that AMPS is a great place to come to every day to learn in a fun and supportive environment. 


1/2 Teachers:

Ms Lang

Mrs Mavridis (Mrs Mary)

Mrs Chishol (Team Leader)

Mrs Rotteveel

Ms Maria

Term 1 Newsletter

term 1- 1-2 Newsletter photo 2023.PNG

Click on the picture to download our Term 1 Newsletter. 

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