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Term 4 begins with a SPLASH, providing students with an opportunity to attend an 8 day swimming program. The Grade 1/2’s not attending swimming will learn about water safety. 

For Inquiry Learning, Grade 1/2 students will investigate the concept of Energy and Motion. A particular focus will be learning about how a variety of factors including materials, size, shape, push and pull, affects how an object moves or changes shape. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy an incursion with Sam the Scientist exploring the history and science behind how toys function. 

In Reading and Writing, Grade 1’s will continue to focus on correct sentence structure and the features of a narrative. Grade 2’s will be reading and writing poetry and plays. In the area of Mathematics, Grade 1 and 2 students will continue to be involved in their weekly Place Value intervention groups, solving open ended number and word problems involving addition and subtraction.


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Grade 1 Teachers:

1S – Ann-Maree Clark and Eve Sakellarides (Grade Share)

1G – Carole Hall

Grade 2 Teachers:

2H – Seral Hasan

2V – Sarah Vears

2Z – Elizabeth Ziegler