Another term has begun! Not the way we were hoping for, but it has been wonderful to see our students and families keep their spirits up and continue to do their best during these challenging times.


We look forward to welcoming our students back to face to face learning in Term 4. We will be focusing on student wellbeing and settling our students back to school routine, as well as providing engaging learning experiences.


In Reading, we will be focusing on decoding and comprehension strategies. We will also be looking at the text structure and features of Procedural texts and Poetry. We will be conducting Guided Reading groups based on student needs.


In Writing, we will be focusing on Poetry writing and Procedural texts. We will also be continuing on with the SMART Spelling program once face to face learning commences.


In Mathematics, we will be focusing on Location, Subtraction and Division. We will also revise other learning areas based on student needs. Students will continue to use Essential Assessment to meet their individual learning needs.

We look forward to a busy term and concluding the year on a positive note.



Please remember to name all of your child’s clothes, hats and belongings. We do our best to find lost items but this is time consuming and almost impossible if they have no label. We appreciate your support with this matter.


Thank you,

Grade 1 and 2 Teachers

1C – Fiona Chisholm 

1L – Florence Lang 

2H – Seral Hasan 

2J – Julie Ostrowsky 

1/2S – Eve Sakellarides and Justine Rotteveel