Term 1 has begun! The Grade 1/2 students have been getting to know each other and have settled in well into their classroom routine.


The Inquiry concept this term will be ‘Changing Lifestyles’ where we will be focusing on the following key understandings:

  1. Cultures can have different traditions and beliefs 

  2. Families change over time (e.g. structure, roles and responsibilities)


As part of our tuning in process, there is an expectation that the Grade 1/2 students bring some examples of their lifestyle, family and culture to show and share at school. Please see your child’s teacher if you are interested in visiting school to talk to students about these or have any contacts you feel may be relevant to our ‘Changing Lifestyles’ concept.


During our Reading program we will be focusing on decoding and comprehension strategies, as well as conducting Guided Reading groups based on student needs. Writing will be based around sentence structure, precise words and punctuation while developing neat handwriting on dotted third lines.

In Mathematics, students will be focusing on Counting, Number Sense and Place Value using hands on, real life experiences and problem solving activities. Each grade will continue to develop their measurement and counting skills by using a daily calendar to record events, track the days and count the first hundred days of school.


Tissues Required

We request that each child bring a box of tissues to use in the classroom.


Please remember to name all of your children’s clothes, hats and belongings. We do our best to find lost items but this is time consuming and almost impossible if they have no label. We appreciate your support with this matter.


Thank you,

Grade 1/2 Teachers

1/2B – Kristy Bedford and Eve Sakellarides (Grade Share)

1/2N – Nga Ormsby

1/2H – Seral Hasan

1/2V – Sarah Vears

1/2C – Carole Hall

1/2J – Julie Ostrowsky

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