Once upon a time in a faraway land (AMPS), there were 6 kingdoms with 6 fairies and 1 princess, who sat in Room 10 impatiently awaiting her frog prince. 

The princesses and princes of these kingdoms managed to locate their classrooms for lessons using maps, compass points and many directions. While in their rooms they wrote spells using punctuation, connectives, amazing vocabulary and interesting openers. They realised the spells needed to be measured and precise, so their knowledge of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication were encouraged by the fairies.

Although reading spells was a breeze for the fairies, the princesses and princes continued to persevere to ensure that they could read many spells and make connections that would help them as they grew older to become kings and queens of their own kingdoms.

After remote learning, the fairies guided the young princes and princesses through Term 4 and encouraged them to look after themselves through yoga and relaxation techniques. But many of the princesses and princes developed colds or suffered hayfever from the sudden onset of Spring. They were asked that upon returning to their learning to bring at least one box of tissues, A.S.A.P after all everyone prefers tissues over parchment paper. With all these in place, the kingdoms, the princes and princesses lived noisily… although happily ever after.


Grade 1/2 Teachers

1/2B – Kristy Bedford and Eve Sakellarides (Grade Share)

1/2N – Nga Ormsby

1/2H – Seral Hasan

1/2V – Sarah Vears

1/2C – Carole Hall

1/2J – Julie Ostrowsky

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