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The Performing Arts program provided at Altona Meadows Primary School aims to provide fun and engaging lessons to develop skills and confidence in the areas of Music, Dance and Drama. A strong focus is on developing understanding of the concepts of Beat, Rhythm, Pitch, Tempo, Dynamics, Form and Style as well as providing opportunities for students to use their imagination and creativity.

Our large performing arts space is well-resourced allowing students to gain experience and skills on many musical instruments (percussion, guitar, ukulele, keyboard/piano, drums) as well as providing room for dance and drama activities.

As a school with a strong performing arts culture the Salvation Army have selected to partner with us to provide the Just Brass music program. A number of students from 3-6 are given the opportunity to join a brass band and learn an instrument such as trombone. Instruments are provided to the students and a visiting music teacher comes to school once a week to take the brass sessions.

All students at AMPS participate in Performing Arts lessons for one hour each week. In addition an instrumental program is also offered to students in grades 3-6. Students are able to have extra lessons on Recorder, Ukulele and Guitar. These students then get to perform at various events throughout the school year.


Specialist Teachers (Top then Left to Right):

Mrs Capri (Team Leader)

Mr C

Mr Hall

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