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Altona Meadows Primary School


Performing Arts

Altona Meadows Primary School has a vibrant Performing Arts program incorporating music, dance and drama. The Performing Arts room is a space large enough for whole class dance and drama activities.

All students, from Foundation to Grade 6, have a one hour session in the school's Performing Arts room. The program is very well resourced with a wide range of musical instruments from rhythm sticks and drums to guitars and keyboards.

Using their voices, bodies and instruments, students learn how to explore music and express themselves through the musical elements of style, pitch, tempo, dynamics, tone and structure. Students create, improvise, learn, rehearse and perform music using listening skills and traditional and non-traditional notation. They reflect and discuss music for different purposes using musical language, as well as participate and respond as audience members. Students develop a genuine love for creative and natural expression as performing artists as they apply their musical knowledge and skills to other performing arts such as dance and drama.

AMPS is proud of the Performing Arts culture at the school and we encourage students to create through music.
Students are allowed to visit the Performing Arts Room during recess and lunchtimes to practise their instruments and listen to music.


Term 4 2019

In Grades Prep, 1 and 2, we are learning about the musical element of ‘Form’ through movement, beat and memory games whilst developing acute listening skills. We are then learning about the musical element of ‘Style’ through dance, instrumentation and fun with fashion.


In Grades 3 and 4 we are exploring the style of Hip-Hop, Rap and Beat-Boxing through dance, gestures and freestyle rap. Then we will investigate how sound effects for screen are made and make our own sound effects to accompany our classroom inquiry topic of Puppetry.

In Grades 5 and 6, we are exploring the style of Hip-Hop, Rap and Beat-Boxing through dance, gestures and rap-writing. We will visit freestyle ‘flocabulary’ but focus more heavily on analysis of Rap by choosing our own debate topics, write arguments and learn how to weave persuasive devices into rap-writing and delivery in our music class rap-battles.