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At Altona Meadows Primary School, all students participate in weekly Physical Education classes. We aim to develop the learner’s confidence, coordination and physical development through a range of fun, high energy and engaging activities. There is a consistent focus in character development and sportsmanship. We at AMPS encourage students to interact with each other is a positive and respectful manner. 

In Foundation to Year 2, students participate in learning tasks and minor games designed to develop their fundamental motor skills and manipulative skills. In years 3-6 the students are further extended on their development of motor skills to prepare them for team games and sports. With the assistance of school’s sporting grant, we organise various sports clinics conducted by external sports associations and coaches, such as basketball clinics, soccer clinics, table-tennis clinics and AFL clinics.  


In addition to the weekly physical education lessons, the students in AMPS also participate in swimming carnival, track and field carnival, cross country,  summer and winter sports (soccer, basketball, t-ball, AFL, netball, softball, cricket, tennis, volleyball). 


Specialist Teachers (Top then Left to Right):

Mrs Capri (Team Leader)

Mr C

Mr Hall

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