The Altona Meadows School Council is a group of parents and teachers who work together to develop the plan and develop the direction of the school. The parents come from all different work environments with different knowledge and experiences to assist in directing the school with decisions that affect the students’ experiences. Deciding on where to focus funds to best suit the school’s needs, helping the teachers in organising events, creating the fundraising ideas, listening to the SRC as they tell what needs to be better and what they love at AMPS.

Both teachers and parents give up their own personal time in having the meeting two times a term as well as assisting with functions and duties around the school. You get a good understanding of how a school works and why certain decisions are made, as well as creating personal connections with the staff and teachers of AMPS.

For me, making choices that shape the school environment and having a positive effect on all the students’ experiences is my highlight.


Dean Giles

School Council President.


Please click on the links below for more information or if you would like to join our School Council please fill out the nomination form at the office at school.                                                                 

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