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Integration Aides 

ES Staff photo.png

The Integration Aide team at AMPS strive for the best outcomes in all they do.


The team provide one on one support to children as needed, and also work with groups of students in learning activities. Students are encouraged to develop and maintain positive interaction with their peers through role play, group sessions, visual aids and team work. The Integration Team work alongside the teachers to assist students to reach their set goals and this can include undertaking research, finding resources, and assembling appropriate materials.


Our aids demonstrate strong written and verbal skills, as well as a deep understanding of the learning, emotional and social needs of AMPS students. They exhibit excellent organisational skills, and participant in regular first aid and professional development courses. We have a caring and enthusiastic, professional team that work hard to achieve high quality standards throughout the year. #altonameadowsps


Integration Team (Left to Right):


Robyn Littlejohn

Janani Murugesan

Julie Giles

Sharon Jones (Team Leader)

Elizabeth Moloney



Florence Wong

Danielle O’Donnell

Wayne Neal

Shirlene Ollington

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