Altona Meadows Primary School supports learners of all abilities by providing:

  • Weekly Literacy and Numeracy intervention classes across P-6 based on student needs

  • Extension opportunities for Years 5-6 students in Literacy and Numeracy

  • Additional Numeracy extension classes for Years 5-6 conducted by community volunteers

  • Homework Help every Wednesday evening from 3.15-4.00pm where students are supported by staff to complete set homework tasks



We are working very hard in grade one and two to learn the 42 sounds of the English language. 

We use a program called Jolly Phonics, which incorporates a multi-sensory approach to teaching. 


Students will often be found singing and dancing, drawing and writing, making and creating while

learning their sounds.  As we become more advanced we learn how to blend sounds together in order

to make words. That’s why we are such good readers!