Term 4 sees us returning to Remote Learning in the 3/4 team. The students have shown great resilience being able to adapt to learning from home and we are all looking forward to welcoming them back to school later in the term.

This term in Inquiry the grade 3/4 students will be learning about Design, Technology and Sustainability.  We will be learning about how people design products to solve environmental problems and giving the students the opportunity to think about how they could design a product of their own to promote sustainability.

In Reading we will be focussing on the language and visual devices authors use to enhance meaning in their texts, the features of a range of text types and the comprehension strategies that build literal and inferred meaning.  During Remote Learning we have been running twice-weekly reading groups/book clubs using Epic books to allow the students to access to a range of literature online.

In Writing we will be revisiting the text types we have learned about in previous terms.  The students will be writing imaginative, informative and persuasive texts and learning the features of these text types.  We will have a focus on handwriting, spelling and grammar through these text types.

The 3/4 students will be focussing on Fractions, Time, Data, Money, Decimals and Angles for Mathematics in Term 4.