In grade 3/4 this term our Inquiry is called ‘A Sense of Place’.  This unit will explore the concepts of Settlement, Continuity and Change and will be focussed on Australian History and Geography. We have been tuning into our Inquiry over the last two weeks, investigating the students’ prior knowledge and forming questions to investigate throughout the term.


In Reading and Writing we have been working on the structure and features of persuasive texts.  The students are becoming very familiar with persuasive devices such as rhetorical questions and emotive language and are learning to use these devices in their own writing.


In Mathematics we have been focussed on Measurement so far this term.  The students have been working on hands-on tasks requiring them to measure length, perimeter, capacity and mass.  This week we are moving on to learning about Statistics and Probability, and the language of chance.


The grade 3 students have been doing some preparation for Naplan for next week.  They have seen what the test might look like and have been given a few opportunities to practice filling in the test papers to ensure that it is as stress-free as possible for them when they complete the actual exam. 


It’s been a big learning experience for us to take over chicken care this term.  It’s been tricky to remember all the steps without Tarius’s guidance but the students have been excited to take on this responsibility and are enjoying it so far.