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Our library

Our library is a friendly, welcoming and relaxing place that exits to encourage children to read, wonder, reflect, question and learn. Our students participate in one library session per week and during library classes students listen to stories, talk about books, have quiet reading time and the opportunity to browse and borrow from the up to date library collection of books.


Our collections

The library at Altona Meadows Primary School contains over 14,114 books. Our collection is constantly changing and growing in order to keep it fresh, relevant and up-to-date. 


Borrowing limits

Prep                  = 1 book per weekly

Grade 1 and 2  = 2 books per weekly

Grade 3 and 4  = 3 books per weekly

Grade 5 and 6  = 4 books per weekly


Every student needs a library bag to protect their library books. If a student has reached their maximum borrowing limit they may not borrow until some books have been returned.



Students are encouraged to return books in a timely manner. 



Volunteers make an invaluable contribution to the school library and we always appreciate parent/grandparent help. If you are interested and have any available time during the week, please come and see us in the library. We have a variety of tasks that are suitable for volunteers. No experience necessary.

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