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Altona Meadows Primary School


The library is quite a busy hub within the school. Classes are scheduled for sessions once a week and the library often opened at lunchtime for activities or clubs. This year we have concentrated on providing brand new, chapter books for the upper levels and sourced lots of new non-fiction resources to build up our NF section.

At the moment, the library looks colourful, housing recently created displays by students from 4J and 4M for Education Week. These displays all depict their favourite books and some are cleverly made out of  cereal boxes, as well as the traditional poster format.  The students have written interesting blurb's about the book they chose, so that other students might be inspired to read them.


Loan Limits:


Prep = 1 book

Grade 1 and 2 = 2 books

Grade 3 and 4 = 4 books

Grade 5 and 6 = 5 books


Petra (Librarian)