A rich and engaging Visual Arts program is offered at Altona Meadows Primary School, where students are provided with the opportunity to develop their skills, techniques and processes in Art to design and create a range of artworks in various mediums.

Students create work individually and in groups to develop their understandings of art. They are encouraged to share their ideas and provide feedback to others.

Students' artwork is proudly displayed around our school and within the wider community. AMPS has a strong connection with Hobsons Bay City Council Arts and our students regularly have their work exhibited in various community galleries. We encourage our students to be active participants in the arts community through engaging with organisations, entering art competitions and participating in local arts events.

All students at AMPS participate in Art lessons for one hour each week. A specialist art teacher provides a varied program year to year that includes painting, drawing, photography, pottery, construction, model making, textiles and construction.

Term 3:

This term in Art, all students will explore play-dough making, clay and plasticine. Hand building three dimensional objects and pinch-pots looking at shape, pattern and texture and measurement. The plasticity of the clay allows a very personal expression of form and helps develop coordination and is tactile and fun!

Clay pots will be fired in the kiln at 1000 degrees to harden the clay and be ready for display during Open Night Art Show in October. Most students from Prep to Grade six enjoy this term with lots of hands on tactile sensory activities.

Click on the button below for a copy of the playdough recipe, we have used in our Art room. 

Sarah Capri and Marnie Lawrence (Art specialists)