Term 3 2020 


This term l have been learning how to use a computer program called Seesaw. I have picked some light-hearted and amusing tasks for students to be able to do at home. I feel it is so important for students and families to have a laugh and have some fun art activities during lockdown.

Seesaw has lots of great ideas for students. It has been a challenge for me and it must have been for students and parents as well! Thanks for the wonderful help of the teachers, l am more confident with Seesaw.

This term if we were at AMPS, we would be using modelling materials to make three dimensional objects with Clay, plasticine and play dough.

I have tried to give students some art lessons that can inspire creativity at home with online Seesaw program.

I record my voice on Seesaw and students then record their response. It has been great to see their art in a new format.

While l was a AMPS I made two videos ‘How to make a Pinch pot’ and a demonstration of 'Throwing a pot on the potter’s wheel’. They may be available for the students to look at on Seesaw.

Marnie Lawrence AMPS Art specialist (Prep-2)

Grades 3-6
This term in Art in Grades 3-6 we will be exploring online galleries and talking about what purpose art has in our community. Using different mediums, students will be creating various artworks that are mostly aligned to their inquiry concepts in their ‘virtual’ classroom, using available resources at home. Lots of students are having so much fun making their art at home, I have really enjoyed seeing their creativity. Thank you also to parents and carers who are encouraging our students to keep up the art-making at home!

In Grades 3/4, students will be provided with art activities to explore their cultural identity, such as creating paper-collage flags, emblems and symbols, and using text to create artworks.


In Grades 5/6, students will be exploring Asian art through landscapes, ceramics, architecture and popular culture. Lots of our proud student work is posted on the School’s social media accounts – jump on over and see for yourself!

Sarah Capri

AMPS Art Specialist (Grades 3-6)

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