Welcome to our final report for 2021 and what a year it has been! It feels like we haven’t had face to face contact with students for so long and all of us are desperate to get back.

In Maths the 5/6 students are developing their probability skills by exploring the language used to describe chance events and experiments. Students are also learning how to use fractions and decimals to represent a variety of outcomes on a probability line. Later in the term we will also learn how to use a protractor to measure and find missing angles. We will also be working third to develop students’ knowledge of adding and subtracting fractions.

In Reading we have been working really hard to build the students ability to respond to literature e.g. noticing the techniques good authors use and what makes texts enjoyable. Along with this we will be comparing and contrasting many texts throughout this term. Students are able to identify the difference between facts and opinions. Students can’t wait to get into the classroom and get some new books, so they tell us!

In writing the 5/6 teachers have been continuing to develop their understanding of Seven Steps to Writing Success. This term will see students write in the genres of newspaper reports and science fiction narratives. Students will be unable to contain their excitement once we start their comic strips or graphic novels. We have a creative bunch of students this year!

The 5/6 group are desperately waiting for news on if camp will go ahead. We are leaving the final decision until the absolute last minute in the hope that we will be able to go. Fingers and toes crossed!

The Grade 6 students upon returning to school will be busy starting to think about themes for their graduation as well as planning the nitty gritty of their final celebration in primary school.