Welcome back to term 3 and remote learning 5.0. We’re off to a great start!


In Grades 5 & 6 this term it’s all about Australian History (1800 - Federation). During this Inquiry unit students will be learning about the significant events and people that have impacted Australia’s past and present. The impact and contributions of migrants to our history. We will also be developing the students' understanding of our colonial history and the events that lead to the Federation of our nation. We think students are most excited about the Gold Rush and our notorious bushrangers.


In Writing students will be getting to find out all the good stuff about their chosen family relative. They will try to discover hidden or unknown parts of their families history. Their research will then have them writing a biography. We can’t wait to read these. Keep your eyes out for them! Our budding writers will then move onto writing their own poems and historical narratives.


In Reading students are focusing on the skills of analysing and critiquing. They will be discussing and identifying how author’s tell a story and the different perspectives stories can be told from.Students have also begun to read their book club novel, which will run for most of the term. 


In Maths students will be exploring the concepts of fractions and decimals and extend their knowledge of place value and the four operations, focusing on multiplication and division. They will also be developing their understanding of chance and probability.

Students will hopefully be training for and ready to compete in our annual Athletics Day which will be dependent upon restrictions and lockdowns.