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Mission Statement


Altona Meadows Primary School SRC are respectful and responsible leaders. The SRC are the voice for all students and endeavour to make the school a safe and happy place by leading positive change and improvement through their actions.

In 2021 our SRC candidates had to nominate themselves by writing a letter to celebrate their strengths. Our newly elected SRC members soon set themselves tasks:

Lachlan and Hadil, who are members of the SRC Environmental Committee, noticed that plastic rubbish in our playground could potentially be washed into drains and then into our oceans, having terrible effects on wildlife. So, they acted quickly to email the ‘Sea Shepherd’ and invited them to speak at an upcoming school assembly to talk about protecting our environment. Education about protecting our precious Planet Earth needs to start with our youngest children. The environment committee will continue their endeavour to inform students at AMPS about how to look after our environment. You can start by not using cling film to wrap food, putting your rubbish in the bins provided and saving water and electricity. 

Chahak and Marlon from our Community Committee decided to contact a local aged care home and asked students to volunteer to be pen pals with the residents. We had many caring students who eagerly volunteered and are currently waiting for a response. 

Franceska and Brenton, who are members of the SRC Playground Committee, have been researching natural playgrounds so as to improve the use of our generous back oval. They also help organise the borrowing of sport equipment during recess. 

Phrince and Indee who are members of the SRC Wellbeing Committee, have liaised with our Prep and Grade 6 teachers to run many exciting activities during the very popular ‘Buddies’ program (Grade 6 students build positive friendships with students in Prep). This keeps them very busy organising weekly activities such as scavenger hunts.

We have also had a visit from Jonathon Marsden the Mayor of Hobsons Bay to discuss how we can help the wildlife in our suburb.