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Environment group 2021
Wellbeing Group 2021
Playground group 2021


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Mission Statement


We place a high level of importance with providing our students with leadership opportunities. All students in grades 3-6 are provided with an opportunity to be selected as a JSC member. 


Our 2023 JSC members applied for the position late last year and were interviewed by our previous JSC members. Part of the selection process involved a group interview to see how students collaborated and interacted with one another. This is the first year that we have also elected two Grade 6 school captains.

Altona Meadows Primary School JSC are respectful and responsible leaders. The JSC are the voice for all students and endeavour to make the school a safe and happy place by leading positive change and improvement through their actions.



Aura-Salome Malae

Dylan Bettinelli

Cecilia Flannigan

Jack Jahoda

Camila Arocha Leon

Kelly Bumpstead

Jumana Ibrahim

Charlotte Jackson

Lucas Pittella

Sabah Neal



Siham Jama

Ibrahim Turgem

Stella Truong

Christian Yang

Eloise Marshall

Joshua Sherriff

Caitlyn Nguyen

Emily Romari


Grade 6 Class Captains

Bri-Anne Cahill

Oscar Vergara

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