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Altona Meadows Primary School is a Government primary school situated 17 km south-west from Melbourne, with approximately 375 students.


AMPS for many years has provided quality, student-centered education that enables students to thrive in their learning, being and living. It provides an inclusive and differentiated curriculum to cater for all children, including those with a wide range of special needs. Specialist teachers include; Music, Library, Physical Education, Art, Reading Recovery and Indonesian.

Programs important to AMPS are; Early Years & Middle Years programs, Literacy and Numeracy extension and support, PMP, Swimming & Camp, Breakfast and Fruit Clubs, Walking Club, a Social Skills program, Inter-school sports, SRC and Hobsons Bay Junior Council, Homework Help, Recorder, Guitar, Ukulele, Parent Helpers' training, P-6 Buddies, and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.


Parent and community participation is also greatly valued and appreciated.

Please download the Compass App and have your notifications turned on. This will be our main form of communication. 

AMPS Update

re Stage 4 Restrictions


Dear Parents and Guardians

Stage 4 Lockdown has made life much more difficult for everyone.  I can’t even go to Bunnings any time that I would like to.  I will have to learn to ‘click and collect’!!!

Seriously, I understand that home schooling is a difficult and almost impossible tasks for some families.  Please just do as best as you can during this time working with your child(ren).  You can call Greg Hall or me if you would like any further support or advice.


Student Attendance At School:

Families are reminded that if you currently working from home or you have unfortunately become unemployed due to your work closing, it is now your responsibility to supervise your child’s learning from home.

As from Monday 10th August the only students who can attend school are the following:

  • children whose parents are permitted workers. Parents in the first category need to supply me with a letter from their employer or a completed copy of their ‘Permitted Work Permit’ outlining their days of work and the hours of their work.  I would like this emailed to me (bill.reid@education.vic.gov.au) or given to me by Tuesday 11th August or your child may not be able to attend school.


  • vulnerable children in out of home care, children known to child protection and other agencies and children the school identifies as vulnerable

  • children with a disability who also fit one of the above two categories.

A weekly attendance form is still needed for your child to attend school.  A new copy will be provided with this update.

Hard Copy Book Packs:

We will still be providing hard copies of the work for students each week.  Parents are reminded that completed work needs to be brought back each work. Do not return incomplete work. Classroom teachers need to see evidence of your child completing work. Packs are available from the hall on Fridays from 12:00 till 4:00pm and Mondays from 9:00 till 4:00pm.  Use your one hour exercise time to walk down and get a book pack if possible!!!!

Webex Meetings:

We would like to see as many students attending webex meetings as possible.  The details of these meetings are provided each week.  It is another way for your child to keep in touch with their teacher and other students in the class.




I would like to clarify the reasoning behind marking your child ‘present’ or ‘absent’ each day Your child will be marked present at school as follows:

  • if they physically attend school

  • they take part in Webex meetings with their teacher and they submit work on Seesaw, Compass or Google Classroom OR they return their paper copy work at the end of each week

Your child will be marked absent if:

  • no work has been submitted on Seesaw, Compass or Google Classroom OR no completed paper copies of work are returned to school each week

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns about your child’s current learning or the information I have provided above.


Bill Reid


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